Designing custom homes in Florida for decades.

Architecture is not just about the underpinnings of construction. It’s about mindful design of a space that reflects personality, culture, location and more. KTS Groups’ approach to homebuilding and design is not just that of application, but of art.

During the custom homebuilding design process, KTS Group transforms your dreams and desires into a myriad of design details. Beginning with conceptual space planning, together we create a one-of-a-kind space that is a reflection of your style and your tastes, coupled with cutting-edge methodology and fabulous finishes. Through the use of 3D design tools, our team provides you with a photo realistic view of your new home long before it’s built. By incorporating natural elements for a more organic feel, our spectacular custom homes designs are a true stand out among other local home builders in Naples, Florida.

Our ability to create a synergistic relationship by acting as both architect and builder enables us to foresee any potential challenges and make modifications instantly before problems arise and that ultimately make your home a far better place to live than you could have ever imagined.