1 / 14 / 2019

Fire and Water Features Popular Options in Outdoor Living Areas

KTS Homes is known for its outstanding outdoor living areas as well as its perfectly designed indoor living spaces. That’s because KTS Homes incorporates fire and/or water features into its exterior designs. They not only add visual and audio appeal to outdoor living areas, but they beckon family and friends to join together, just like they did so many generations ago.

There was a time when a gas grill, or one designed for barbecue briquettes, was the only fire visible in a family’s outdoor living area or along the pool. Today, there are all kinds of controlled fires in the back of homes and none have anything to do with barbecuing a thick steak, a juicy hamburger or a perfectly seasoned Wisconsin brat.

Popular options include fire and water features

Newport model home in Naples Reserve, outdoor living spaces

Outdoor fire features are one of the most popular additions to an outdoor living space. A built-in fireplace is one option, and a firepit another.

Yet, many homeowners are opting for a more free-flowing fire, one that is linear, low-to-the-ground, and runs the entire length of the pool. Others prefer a romantic fire table or polished fire bowls perfectly positioned strategically in various poolside locations.

Man has enjoyed fire for thousands of years. Not only does it give off heat, if needed, it creates the ideal gathering spot for family and friends.

Campfires may have been the forefather of today’s outdoor fire features. But, even in its modern form the purpose remains the same. A flickering flame is like a social invitation that calls out “come gather around me.” It truly creates a dramatic, focal point at night.

More often than not, a fire feature is coupled with its opposite, a water features. The two are an intriguing duo that in reality, would want nothing to do with each other. Would never get along. But in this case, it appears opposites do attract – and in a big way.

The warm, flickering fire and the cool, soothing sound of the falling, bubbling and babbling water, join forces to create heaven on earth.

Water features are often seen from inside a home. They are used to soften the hardscapes associated with outdoor living areas, including pool decks and patios, and help diminish the sounds of the outside world.

The water features come in the form of a koi pond, a short or tall waterfall, decorative elements that spray from a wall out into the pool, or shoot up towards the blue sky like an orchestrated fountain.

So, whether it’s a fire feature – a water feature – or both, KTS Homes understands flickering flames and cascading water play an important role in the enjoyment of an outdoor living area. And, by their presence, perhaps the kitchen is no longer the home’s favorite gathering spot.

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