5 / 2 / 2019

Four Money-Saving Reasons To Build Your New Home Now

In Southwest Florida, there are many people who have their own empty lot, as well as many people who own a lot with a home on it, but are considering tearing it down and building a new home. Two of their biggest questions are; When should I start building my new dream home – and what company should build it? The two answers are easy – KTS Homes – and Now!

Scott Kish II is the principal of Naples-based KTS Homes. He is currently working with a number of owners whose homes are in various stages of design and construction. Kish hopes other lot owners, whether it’s an empty lot or has a tear-down home on it, would give him the opportunity to discuss his philosophy regarding designing and building the perfect home.

“Designing a home is a deeply personal process, one we take very seriously. We know that every detail matters and that building a home from the ground up is a significant investment,” said Kish.

Kish also believes there is no better time than now for lot owners to start the design and building process. Escalating material costs is one of the main reasons why.

“Building costs have risen steadily each year since the recession and aren’t going to get any lower anytime soon,” said Kish. “And with tariffs on lumber and aluminum, the cost to build, modify or remodel any type of structure is only going to increase.”

Another major reason to build now is the dwindling work force.

“The number of available skilled workers is an ongoing battle for local contractors, and over time, will only get worse,” Kish said. “After the recession many workers left the state or even hung up their tool belts altogether. That makes the work force in Southwest Florida very tight. There’s few problems now, but it will become a bigger issue if an influx of new skilled workers don’t replenish those no longer on the construction site.”

Changing building codes is another concern for Kish.

“The state of Florida is constantly changing its building codes to make the new and future structures even more energy compliant,” stated Kish.

There’s also the hurricane codes.

“Collier County is one of the more stringent counties, as we have much higher wind codes than other parts of the state,” he said. “As codes are changed and upgraded, so are the products that are required to meet these codes, thus causing much higher construction prices.”

The bottom line is; If you are going to build a new home do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait – the more it will cost. And don’t forget, KTS Homes is here to make the building process as stress-free as possible.

For more information about KTS Homes, contact Terrilyn@TerrilynVanGorder.com or call 239-465-0671.