7 / 3 / 2019

Who is Scott Kish II ?


As I sat here about to craft my first blog, I began to think about all of the different topics I could try to talk about. Do I talk about who I am and introduce myself to everyone? Do you already know who I am and just looking for information because you got to the wrong page on our web site? Do I actually try and educate you as you read this or just offer my opinions? All of these questions I would guess have happened to all that have started out once before and so the end result will be, all of the above over time. 

With that being said, I should start out by letting you know who KTS Group/Homes is and who I am more than what you have read on the website. KTS Group was started by myself and my wife 6 years ago. I founded this company on the mere principles that I was tired of working for others and wanted to put myself out into the world to show people what I was able to create. Funny I say that, because it has taken me 6 years to get into social media and actually write something that I wasn’t paying others to do for me. 

KTS Group is both an Architectural Firm and General Contracting company with emphasis on Custom Luxury Residential design and construction. We are a team of people that enjoy the process of designing and building very tailored and detailed homes that show off products that are manufactured and produced with quality and care. We currently operate in Naples, FL, but my background stems from Michigan where I grew up and went to school for Architecture. I grew up building homes with my family and worked in the trades for summer jobs all of my available working years while attending middle school thru college. Internships and onto the professional years in Architecture led me to find my path into developing KTS Group as both offerings. I get bored easily and having both, makes life much more challenging and less monotonous. 

As I near 40 years old, I have seen and done just about everything in the Residential and light Commercial Construction Industry with regard to my positions held at previous Architectural Firms and Construction companies. I am very fortunate to have these experiences both by way of preforming the task myself or managing it for others, as it has shown me a great appreciation for the detail that my customers expect to have when I have completed their project. I take great pride in this part of the process and am at times difficult to work with, but it’s related to fact that if I wouldn’t live with it in my own project, its not good enough for someone else’s.  As time goes on in these blog’s, I will bring to you what I have learned and while not familiar with everything that is out there, I am always researching and learning new materials and ways to implement them into our projects. I hope you will all find this informative and hopefully someday work with us to experience the KTS way.

Thank You,

Scott Kish II