4 / 13 / 2021

KTS Group: Partnering with Real Wood Floors

What Is the Best Flooring for My Home?

The floors we choose for our home represent our lifestyle, aesthetic and needs. Whether you wish to go classy, modern, eclectic or you have to go rough-and-tumble because of kids and pets, choosing a floor can be challenging (or overwhelming). There are several things to consider before making this wonderful, yet sizable and long-term, investment.

Here are three different floor types to help you choose the best floor for your home.

The top flooring choices for most homes are engineered wood, resilient flooring and solid wood.

1. Engineered floors

Made with real hardwood veneer on top of a multi-layered core, engineered flooring is another option for your home.
Engineered flooring is a really great choice because it offers many installations options, style options and overall cost and time savings.

2. Resilient flooring

Resilient flooring is a non-wood flooring option. It’s commonly known as vinyl flooring, but not limited to only that type of product. It is designed to appear like wood, and we’ve been nearly fooled a time or two, because a quality resilient floor does a pretty good job of looking like hardwood flooring.

3. Solid wood floors

If your heart is set on solid wood floors, remember that they perform best in either consistently dry or consistently humid climates because it is the dramatic change in moisture that causes wood flooring to expand or contract.
If you live in a high humidity area, with lots of rain, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. Once the wood acclimates to the high humidity, then it can be installed. As long as that RH is consistent, your floor will respond well.

If you have any questions about what floors fit your needs contact RealWood Floors 239.592.4572  today or ask your KTS Group representative 239.465.0671.