8 / 2 / 2019

Leave your home management to us!

Scott Kish II Principal

KTS Estate Management is a new division of KTS and its Luxury Home Building business in Naples Florida. If you reside in the Florida climate, you understand and can see the effects of what the weather will do to a home that sits unattended. Many new Floridians never know that full time care is required on any sized house, if you would like it to look fresh and last until you decide to move on from it estate management is the way to go!

As a Luxury home builder, I found that no matter how well I build these homes for my clients, if they don’t take care of them, then it won’t last anyway. Not even the best and strongest materials will make it over time in these climates and over the years of preforming remodels and new construction services, I found that people don’t really live here long enough or when they are in town, don’t want to spend the time to maintain their homes. KTS Estate Management started out as an extended service to our current and previous clients only. We have started to have requests from outside our client base that gave us opportunity to turn this into its own division and really roll up our sleeves and get new services out to clients that require our level of detailed management for their homes.

Starting a service agreement with KTS Estate Management starts out with a full Home Inspection of your existing residence. This is the foundation of our starting point and we use this just a Realtor would to understand the basis in which we devise a plan of services for the specific property. Once this report is delivered and reviewed with our clients, we then formulate a plan to offer the services needed. Our clients typically start to see right from the start, what problems their residence typically already has. We are completely customizable and rarely are two clients ever the same with what we are preforming for them.

Complete peace of mind is the goal with all of our clients. Estate Management is more than Home Watch. We pride ourselves on knowing the home inside and out, so we can make sure our clients have the right things being watched while they are away or even currently living in the home. We are here to help as a professional of the construction industry. Should you find our services needed, please fell free to reach out to me and I will personally meet with you and help figure out a plan to help you leave in peace when you want to return north or if the tasks of weekly maintenance just doesn’t fit into your schedule.