6 / 21 / 2018

What are the top 3 rooms clients customize when building?

Since KTS Homes is a custom home builder, all of our clients customize their homes, absolutely nothing is cookie cutter. What are the top three rooms that we see clients spend more that the average amount clients spend there budget on?

Newport Model Custom Kitchen

Newport model Custom Kitchen

Kitchens and master bathrooms are at the top the list for the largest dollar amount spent when customizing. There’s no one area in these spaces that we can point to that would a top item to customize a home. By room, kitchens are the most expensive to customize in the home. Some things to consider, kitchens are very ‘finish’ and ‘material’ intensive (What does this amount to: Countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, appliances and various types of lighting, plumbing to consider and labor costs)

Newport model master bathroom

Newport model master bathroom

The next largest dollar amount is the master bathroom, like the aforementioned kitchen, bathrooms are very finish and material intensive as well (This amounts to: Labor, plumbing, electrical, intricate tile and or stone as well as custom lighting, large cabinetry and expansive countertops). Guest bathrooms in most cases are smaller and therefore don’t require as much finish, material and plumbing. In the living areas, clients request high quality built-ins, recessed ceilings/lighting, custom lighting/fans, pocketing and or sliding doors that lead out to the outdoor spaces.

Newport Model Outdoor Living Space

Newport Model Outdoor Living Space

Newport model outdoor living

As its popularity grows, the concept of outdoor living is quickly evolving to take on new meaning. Rather than a simple dining set on a patio or door walls that open completely for a smooth transition from the indoors out.

Since we live in a warm climate in Southwest Florida, we have the gorgeous weather on our side! Since the transition from indoor to outdoors space occurs, clients are looking for a more seamless approach, such as pocketing sliding glass doors or folding doors with a view to take advantage of. Most clients are requesting outdoor kitchens for entertaining guests and the wow factor. These outdoor kitchens can become elaborate quickly, depending on the clients budget and needs. For example, an elaborate  outdoor kitchen can consist of a high end grill with vegetable sink, exotic countertops, wine cooler, a bar with seating, a separate space for a fire pit, fountain(s), pond, and so much more!

Scott Kish II owner of KTS Homes says, “Customizing a home is a very personal thing that all clients view from very different vantage points. For example, the quality of finishes to the overall look and feel. All of our clients think differently, and therefore there is no one right way to build or remodel a home. It’s personal to every client in different ways, therefore customizing a home is absolutely essential if you don’t want your home to look like everyone else’s.”

Why choose KTS custom homes over other builders?

KTS Homes is a full-service custom home builder located in Naples, Florida. Founded on the simple principle of connecting the two different disciplines involved in home building – architectural design and construction – KTS Homes can act as both an architect and a general contractor, helping you design and construct your brand new custom home with experience to back you.

Already have an architect? Our team has worked with countless talented architects, and have fantastic relationships with architecture firms throughout Southwest Florida and will happily build the custom home you’ve always wanted to the exact specifications of your architect.

Kish continues, “I am with the client every step of the way in the building process and guide the client in design decisions that are functional, cohesive and look great. Quality, craftmanship and innovation and client satisfaction are our main goals at KTS Homes.”

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